Alpha 0 GD p0

It's been a long road...

But now we're here - the first public release of our project on Godot 4!

This Alpha is the first milestone on the Godot engine for us, but we wanted to make sure it was mostly at the same feature completeness as the previous most recent Unreal 4 version we had released. It took about 5 months to completely redo the efforts of nearly 2 years with Unreal, and we're still coming up to speed on the new engine.

There are bugs! More than I'd like, for sure, and a few non-essential minor things are missing from this first alpha release. Fixes are coming of course, and coming as fast as we can make them.

This release has every graphics feature dialed to 11, from SDFGI raytracing to huge 4k textures. We'll be refining that down into the previous standard/deluxe type packages for release over the coming months, but I suspect you'll be pleased with the performance difference between this and our prior release on UE4. Most discrete video cards should be getting gsync/vsync framerates without too much difficulty. Our baseline remains an  Nvidia1050 or AMD Vega, but you should be seeing better numbers on those cards now.

Thank you VERY much to our amazing backers who have been patient and provided support, feedback, insight, some testing, and very importantly voted with their time and money to help us get through the dark 5 months of transition between engines. You folks are the absolute best and we quite literally couldn't have done it without you. All of your names will of course be in the game thank you screen once we have one.

IF YOU HAVE THE PRIOR VERSION INSTALLED VIA ITCH, UNINSTALL IT AND REINSTALL.  The Itch launcher seems to not understand how to switch from launching Unreal to launching Godot, so this is just cleaner.


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Version Mar 30, 2023

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