Alpha 1 p2

ALPHA 1 Patch 1:

Fixes and improvements in this patch :

* Fixed bug with job scale causing instant completion of most jobs.

* The 'menu' keyboard key no longer causes the game to hang.

* No more infinite mission endings if you talk to "Bad Luck" Bart before exiting.

* Control info now displays correctly on level change.

* Added our first localization support! The control info is now localized into French, Spanish and Bokmål.

* Still working on balance for the view draw to make sure the cockpit doesn't clip but the station doesn't flicker. Still some flickering and depth issues to resolve, but we'll get there.

* You can land at the green sphere on the station module and it will put you inside, then run down the hallway to the Hangar Bay and it will put you back in the ship. It's a start, anyhow - this is *not* the final process. Same as last patch, this is just a reminder.

Huge thanks to Serge LE TYRANT for the French translation. He maintains the awesome linux gaming resource where you can find info on tons of linux-friendly apps and games.
Huge thanks to Sten for the Bokmål translation. He's also our QA guy and a talented chiptune composer.

Known Bugs:

* For some reason if you click the green check as soon as the ship builder starts instead of going through to paint , it might crash. Still working on that one. This one is hard to reproduce, but the ship chooser is due a re-factor soon.

* Still some flickering on planet texture in some cockpits. Being tuned.

As always feedback on the forum is appreciated, you can go here:

and drop bugs, opinions, screenshots and feedback. We really appreciate it!

Right now there is a poll for Patreon backers ($1 a month+) to vote on the next major focus - at the moment, ship handling is in the lead.

Coming Next: More of everything. Improved handling and controls. Missions and more interaction. Poll to follow on forum.


Smugglers_GD_Alpha_1_02.exe 2 GB
Version Dec 31, 2023
Smugglers_GD_Alpha_1_02.x86_64 2 GB
Version Dec 31, 2023

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