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This is the Early Access Alpha for Smugglers of Cygnus. The current development point is Alpha 0, with over a year left until Release.

Development is rapidly progressing, and new updates will be uploaded every couple weeks as we proceed. To join in and provide feedback, check out the forum or the chat room. We're utilizing Butler to reduce the update size of patches, so the Itch launcher might be useful. Right now, gamepad controls are still being worked on, and control remapping save is disabled (though you can use esc to bring it up or dismiss it to see the current).
First Job walkthrough is on the forum

At the opening of the Age of Cygnus, a great era of commerce begins. Traders ply this vast frontier, transporting cargo between planetary systems, discovering markets, and establishing trade routes. Newly graduated from Trade Academy, you have the option to chart a career path among the stars. As a mix of space mariner, smuggler, or pirate, you collect the crew members, star maps, equipment, and contacts to succeed in the unforgiving void of space. Friends and foes are everywhere, and trust is often based on loyalty to profit.

Explore the Cygnus Galaxy in first and third person views as you pick up and deliver cargo, track down bounties, hunt and defend against pirates and privateers, and find or craft new parts. Customize, upgrade, and paint your ship to suit you.
There are over 100 solar systems full of opportunity out there to discover.

What are you waiting for?

Key Guide for Alpha 0


Camera/Look - Right Stick

Move Character /Turn ship - Left Stick

Rotate ship - Left/Right Trigger

Ship Thrusters - DPad

Engine Power -/+ Left/Right Bumper

Zoom in/out - L3/R3

Switch cameras - Left special button

Accept - A

Cancel - B

Details - Y

Keyboard + Mouse:

Camera/Look - Move mouse  (Right mouse button to toggle UI mode)

Turn ship - Arrow keys/WASD

Rotate ship - Z/C

Engine Power -/+ 1, 2

Zoom in/out - Mouse wheel

Switch cameras - Middle mouse button/click on scroll wheel

Details - click on "i" or press i


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