Alpha 1 p3

ALPHA 1 Patch 3:

Fixes and improvements in this patch :

* Huge handling update.

* Job mass check now works.

* Ship shopper cargo capacity/engines now work.

* Ship shopper can now reset winglet engines by changing body type.

* Can no longer fly out of bounds.

* Still working on balance for the view draw to make sure the cockpit doesn't clip but the station doesn't flicker. Still some flickering and depth issues to resolve, but we'll get there.

* Re-tuned job sizes to make sure they are distributed better.

* You can land at the green sphere on the station module and it will put you inside, then run down the hallway to the Hangar Bay and it will put you back in the ship. It's a start, anyhow - this is *not* the final process. Same as last patch, this is just a reminder. 

* The ship shopper *should* be working now if you just hit the check box right off.

Known Bugs:

* Still some flickering on planet texture in some cockpits. Being tuned.

* Some jitter when faaaaar out to the edges - that should be fixed soon.


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Version 41 days ago
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Version 41 days ago

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