Alpha 0 p10 Patch notes

ALPHA 0 Patch 10:

Interior bridge piloting for one of the two Conns is now available!

* You can now use the view toggle (middle mouse click or the right special on the gamepad) to switch between several camera views - including 2 interior.

* Zoom now works on all camera modes.

* Known bugs with planet landings are currently being worked on.

* Only one Conn has a working interior, the other will have one soon.

* The interior piloting view should support a VR headset! Give it a shot, let us know.

* As always feedback on the forum is appreciated, you can go here: or you can join the chat server and tell us directly!

This build has some pretty mammoth bugs. It's the first sighting of the interior, and we're still working on the texture streaming, level streaming, walking around on planets, and streaming in a planet map to run around.

Planned for the next patch: Planetside landing improvements, interior for the other conn, and missions!

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