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At the opening of the Age of Cygnus, a great era of commerce begins. Traders ply this vast frontier, transporting cargo between planetary systems, discovering markets, and establishing trade routes. Newly graduated from Trade Academy, you have the option to chart a career path among the stars. As a mix of space mariner, smuggler, or pirate, you collect the crew members, star maps, equipment, and contacts to succeed in the unforgiving void of space. Friends and foes are everywhere, and trust is often based on loyalty to profit.

Explore the Cygnus Galaxy in first and third person views as you pick up and deliver cargo, track down bounties, hunt and defend against pirates and privateers, and find or craft new parts. Customize, upgrade, and paint your ship to suit you.
There are over 100 solar systems full of opportunity out there to discover.

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If you're looking for the free Early Access version of the project, you can check that out here:  https://longplaygames.itch.io/smugglers-of-cygnus-ea

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