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There’s supernatural strangeness afoot, but Luisa Llama is here to save the day!

When a green rock plummets from the sky, it’s a surprise. But when that rock is discovered with mystical and mysterious messages carved on it . . . well, that’s a sign: Luisa is going on an adventure!

The demo contains the entire contents of the original game jam, now polished and ported to Godot, but will soon be followed up by the rest of the first adventure of Luisa Llama!

After the Legend of the Verdant Slab, even more adventures will await our intrepid explorer. Stay tuned for new adventures, and enjoy the demo while we work on the first legend.

This game (and demo) is a work in progress.  We'll be working on fleshing out the menu and settings, so keep an eye out for updates.

Download demo

LuisaLlamaDemo.exe 62 MB
LuisaLlamaDemo.x86_64 65 MB

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Let the Llama Adventures begin!

Let's goooooo